• May 20, 2024

A Guide to High-Performance Thermal Paste

High-performance thermal paste is an essential product for all PC builders and enthusiasts. It fills in microscopic gaps on the surface and facilitates heat conduction to the heat sink, lowering overall system resistance and preventing overheating. It can also prevent the degradation of electronic components over time due to a lack of proper thermal management.

There are several different kinds of thermal pastes on the market, with varying compositions and features. Some are based on liquid metal compounds, while others offer high thermal conductivity or even nano particles. The selection of the best thermal paste for your needs depends on your CPU, motherboard, and case, as well as your budget.

One of the newer offerings on our list is ARCTIC’s MX-5, a highly-reviewed enthusiast compound based on carbon micro-particulates in what appears to be a silicon or silicone base. It has a fluid consistency much like thin toothpaste, making it easy to spread during cooler tension. It’s also formulated to resist pumping out (when the paste squeezes out of the CPU’s surface area over time) and to clean up easily, making it a top choice for those seeking an excellent thermal solution with a premium feel.

This option is a great budget-centric high-performance thermal paste, especially for mid-range to low-end PCs. It has a great thermal conductivity rating of 5.15 W/mK and comes with ten 1 gram syringes. It’s also not electrically conductive, which makes it safe for use with sensitive electronic devices.

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