• June 20, 2024

Bimatoprost Eyelash Serum – Why it’s the Only Eyelash Serum With FDA-Approved Active Ingredient

A few years ago, when a non-prescription lash serum hit the shelves that claimed to be able to double your lashes’ thickness and length in just weeks, many eyebrow and eyelash fans were delighted. But, sadly, these claims were mostly unfounded, and most lash growth serums are now considered to be ineffective. The reason? They contain ingredients that have been banned in the EU and other countries, due to their potential side-effects.

The problem with these lash-enhancing serums is that they typically contain peptides (or prostaglandin analogs) that trigger the eyelashes’ hair follicles to start growing and regenerating in an unnatural way, leading to clumpy and sparse lashes. While this might work for some, others can end up with an overgrowth of lashes that look very unkempt and sloppy.

It’s for this reason that the majority of lash and brow growth products have been switched to formulas that don’t contain PGAs. Instead, they use a variety of other ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, pro-vitamin B5 and three different types of peptides, to stimulate a healthy lash growth cycle.

However, some of these ingredients are not as good for your lashes, as they may cause redness and irritation to the skin around the eyes, or even darkening of the iris, which cannot be reversed once it’s happened. So, the best solution is to stick with a high-quality and scientifically-proven lash serum containing the FDA-approved, prescription-strength bimatoprost. This is available in the US under the name of LatisseTM, while in the UK it’s licensed as LumiganTM and sold via prescription only.

Both Lumigan and Latisse contain the same active ingredient – bimatoprost ophthalmic solution, 0.03%. It was originally developed by Allergan, the company that also makes Botox, for glaucoma treatment but when patients using it noticed their lashes were lengthening and thickening, it was re-licensed for cosmetic use as a prescription medication in the USA under the name of Latisse. It is also a popular prescription-only treatment for hypotrichosis in the UK, where it’s called Lumigan.

Unlike other lash-enhancing products that only claim to enhance your natural lashes, Lumigan/Latisse actually works to increase the growth of your lashes and eyebrows by increasing their length, thickness and darkness. It’s important to note that the difference in appearance only happens with continued use and it will take at least 4 weeks for you to see the results of this clinically tested, luscious long eyelash serum uk.

The key to Lumigan’s success is that it uses the same prescription-strength molecule as the other major lash-enhancing product on the market, Revitalash, but at a lower concentration, so that it can be used without a doctor’s approval. However, the UK’s National Health Service isn’t able to prescribe the drug off label for a cosmetic purpose, so you can only get it by visiting your GP and having a private prescription written. In fact, this is a common practice in the UK, as long as the product is proven to be safe and effective. bimatoprost eyelash serum uk

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