• June 20, 2024

Button Head Screw and Hex Head Screw Types

Screws are one of the most common and versatile pieces of hardware manufactured. They come in a variety of head types, lengths, materials, coatings, platings and finishes, but the right type for your application depends on how you intend to use them. Whether you need screws that resist corrosion, withstand high temperatures or generate a compressive load, Fastener Superstore has the right screws for your job.

Button Head Screw
Socket button cap screws, or simply button heads, feature a low domed head and wider bearing surface that make them less likely to snag on moving machinery. These socket screws host a hexagonal drive hole for driving with an Allen wrench (hex key). Like all socket cap screws, they are used in automotive, electronics and industrial applications.

Other types of socket heads include pan, fillister and truss. Pan head screws have a flat head and are the most common round screw design. Fillister heads have a slightly rounded top and tall cylindrical sides, giving them a deeper drive slot than pan or round heads. Truss heads are similar to pan heads but have a lower profile and a larger bearing surface.

Hex bolts are known for their six-sided hexagonal head that allows them to be turned easily by hand, while delivering sufficient torque to the threaded body of the fastener. Hex heads also create a greater contact area with screw drives, which can reduce damage from over-tightening or misuse. Some hex screws, such as the Torx Plus tamper-resistant design, also have a pin in the center that prevents tampering or unintended removal. Button Head Screw

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