• July 20, 2024

Conservatory Types

As conservatories are becoming a part of our every day life, they are also becoming available in different shapes and designs. In this article, we shall have a look at the different types of conservatories.

By design of the make up, conservatories are five types. They are Edwardian; Gable, Lean, Victorian and P shaped conservatories. Edwardian conservatories are those that have center height and all straight-line frame alignment. Victorian style slightly differs with Edwardian. They have the same center height style but they also pose curved corners. Gable is also similar to Edwardian style but smaller in size. Lean conservatories have sloppy roofs from one side and use a straight line frame and panel alignment. P shaped conservatories, as per the name they look like, an alphabet ‘P’. The door position is in the curved half circle area.

Edwardian conservatories are more focused in utilizing architectural designing excellence, while Gable conservatories theme on extending the roof surface areas. Victorian conservatories focus on elegant styling. Their lean style is considered as a cheap and economical solution. P shape conservatories are those, beneath of which different shops and restaurants operate. You will find their doors situated at extended parts towards outer areas.

It depends solely on the owner of the house as to how or which style he should decide to build. As we have differences in the types of these conservatories, your selection of the model should be based on the position of the site. They are an extension to your home; therefore, you need to be choosy over where to build them.

Based on your plan you can choose any style from these five types of replacement conservatory roof

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