• May 24, 2024

Explosion Proof Actuators

Explosion Proof Actuators are used to control industrial valves and dampers in a potentially explosive atmosphere. They do this by commanding the valve for full opening and closing or regulating a flow more or less intensely and precisely.

Unlike electrical actuators, these devices are not prone to spark-induced explosions due to their lack of electric components. They also don’t generate heat as they operate, and their non-metallic construction means they are less prone to corrosion. These factors make them ideal for use in volatile environments.

Aside from their non-sparking features, they are often made with non-metallic materials to prevent the formation of combustible substances such as volatile acetylides. This is because acetylides are formed by chemical reactions in the presence of air and moisture, which can quickly become explosive. In addition, most explosion proof actuators have fail-safe mechanisms that can automatically revert to a safe position in the event of power failure or other system malfunction.

For instance, the 5818 series explosion proof electric actuators can be automatically reverted to a manual override position, making them perfect for situations where a human is required to intervene and control a machine in case of a fault. They are certified to US, EU and Chinese explosion proof standards. These actuators are typically used to automate quarter turn ball valves, butterfly valves and multileaf dampers. Their ISO 5211 mount makes them easy to install and are equipped with visual valve position indication, manual override and weatherproof enclosures. Explosion Proof Actuators

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