• July 21, 2024

High Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast

High pressure cleaning gold coast, also known as power washing or pressure cleaning is the use of pressurised water jets to wash dirt off surfaces. The high water pressure allows for the removal of grime, dust, loose paint, mould, mud and oil. Professional pressure cleaning uses experienced cleaners who understand how to operate the equipment correctly for each surface type, and know what cleaning solvents to use. This ensures that your walls, fences, patios, cars and driveway are cleaned without damaging them.

If your paved, concrete or pebbled Gold Coast driveway has become dull, mossy or grimy then getting it high pressure cleaned by an experienced and professional cleaner is the best way to restore it. Regular high pressure cleaning will reduce slip hazards and keep your driveway looking great for longer.

Dirty windows, walls and gutters can be a breeding ground for germs, mould, mildew and oils that can cause damage to surfaces, as well as create health problems. High pressure cleaning can help remove these contaminants, making your building or home safer and more appealing.

Regularly cleaning your office, factory or commercial site with a high pressure cleaner will remove build up of dirt and grease, as well as prevent slippery surfaces, which can be a major worksite safety issue. This helps minimise Workplace Health and Safety breaches, injury claims or steep fines from the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Oil stains look unsightly and can be dangerous to walk on, but our professional high pressure cleaners can easily remove them from your driveway, walls or other surfaces. We use biodegradable and safe cleaning solvents to clean away oil stains, so you can enjoy your driveway and outdoor areas once again. high pressure cleaning gold coast

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