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How to Autoplay Embedded YouTube Videos

Source: How to Autoplay Embedded YouTube Videos

Embedding a video or audio enables the users to share their videos with any of their preferred sites or any social networking platforms. They can do so by copying the embedded link of the particular video or any of the content so that others can watch the video directly just on a click.

If you want to show your YouTube videos to others and wish to inform them about your product and services, then it is recommended to enable the Auto-playing feature. Auto-playing or embedded videos don’t enhance the number of views to your videos. It only enhances the credibility in describing what you wish to inform your YouTube audience.

Here are the steps to let you know how you can activate the auto-play feature for your embedded YouTube videos easily.

Easy Methods to Use HTML Scripts for Enabling Auto-playing Feature

  • First and foremost, launch the YouTube application on your preferred browser.
  • Next, try to play your desired video that you wish to embed.
  • After that, hit the Share tab located just beneath the title of your video.
  • Now, choose the option “Embed.” This action will display you an embedded script of HTML.
  • Then, apply copy operation of the HTML code and then paste it on your desired page. You will see that the particular video has been added successfully.
  • If you are using WordPress, then navigate to the “New Post.”
  • Hit the Text option with default Visual option in enabled mode.
  • Now, paste the code there.
  • Next, add the code “?_autoplay =” just next to the Video ID.
  • Once you have successfully added the code in HTML . This code will appear as “.”
  • Now, update the whole page carefully.
  • Next, close the expanded page to accept all the changes that you have made.
  • After that, launch your Web page and make sure that the video is perfectly playing in automatic mode for fresh users.
  • In case you are unable to view all the changes clearly, then remove all the cache data and then try once more. There might be some harmful viruses stored in the cache data.

Easy Method to use Embed Plug-in Feature of YouTube  for Auto-playing Feature

  • In the beginning, navigate to the WordPress admin page and then Sign-in into the account.
  • After that, hit the Plug-ins option, and after that, tap on Add New button there.
  • Next, search for the Embed plugin option of YouTube and try to install the same.
  • Ensure that you have successfully activated the plugin feature.
  • Hit the option “YouTube Embed” located at the left-hand side section of your page.
  • Now, tap on the option “Profile.”
  • After that, scroll down your page and look for the option Playback. Then mark the checkbox “Autoplay.”
  • Once you have successfully enabled your YouTube video, it will start to play automatically once the player loads it on their device.
  • Mark the checkbox “Loop Video” if you wish to play your video in the loop. In case there is a playlist available on your page, this function will automatically play the complete playlist.
  • The Embedded plugin feature of YouTube comes with various advanced and updated features:
  • Activating and deactivating annotations
  • Modifying the size of your Video Player
  • Activate and deactivate multiple annotations
  • Showing various related videos through other channels
  • Modification of Default Style and Set up

Note: Look for the CMS plugin repository for locating the alternative option related to the Embed plug-in if you have any other CMS other than WordPress.

  • Make sure to put user input features in your videos; otherwise, viewers may close the respective sites. Linking YouTube auto-play tags for the HTML code is an effortless task to enable the auto-play feature for the embedded videos by YouTube on the respective page.
  • In case you like to access more of the customization features, then you may apply a WordPress plug-in that is embedded on YouTube. In this regard, you may also take the help of the WordPress site for related assistance.

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