• May 20, 2024

How to Get Started in an IT Career

The IT field is full of career options, from technical support (think your company’s IT guy) to software development and computer system monitoring. Generally, IT professionals need strong analytical skills to identify and solve technology-related problems. They also need communication skills to effectively explain IT concepts and solutions to other staff members and executives.

A career in IT can be highly satisfying if you enjoy a challenge and enjoy putting your brain to work. However, it can be a roller coaster ride for those who don’t thrive on the pressure to perform well under tight deadlines. In addition, IT professionals often feel like they’re constantly being treated as a commodity service because the business doesn’t value their expertise as much as it does other services. That’s why it’s important for IT pros to be passionate about their job and to show that they care about their company, their role and beyond.

IT is a growing industry, and many employers offer flexible schedules and remote work opportunities for their employees. Additionally, it is possible for people to start their IT careers at a variety of ages, and there are a number of ways to get started – from group IT training programs (like Tallo) to self-education, online courses, internships and more.

Start by listing the types of IT work you’re interested in and narrow down your focus from there. Many IT professionals start out in general roles that cover a broad range of IT issues, such as help desk technician or IT associate. From there, they may move into a more specific area, such as network administration or cybersecurity.

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