• June 16, 2024

Norcold NR751BB – A Small RV Refrigerator/Freezer That’s Quiet, Reliable and Reliable

NR751BB is a small RV refrigerator/freezer that’s quiet, dependable and designed to improve your mobile living. Much more electrically efficient than a typical 3-way fridge (uses at most 3.7A@12VDC), it will ensure you always have cold drinks and perfectly refrigerated food on your trips. Plus it’s super easy to keep clean with a simple wipe down, thanks to the hermetically-sealed Danfoss BD-series compressor that’s incredibly resistant to dust, dirt and moisture.

A DC refrigerator/freezer gives you more freedom and control over your camping expenses – no more overpriced snacks and drinks, or buying “filler” meals at fast food restaurants that already exist in your hometown. A fridge like this in your trailer, camper or van will also let you store ingredients ready to make your own homemade meals at a fraction of the cost.

2-way absorption fridges offer both propane-fueled cooling and 120V AC electric cooling – perfect for when you’re plugged in at a campground or RV park, or for boondocking. 3-way absorption fridges are similar, but they also run on 12V DC power supplied by your rig’s house battery bank while you’re driving around.

The Polar Series is Norcold’s residential-style DC refrigerator/freezer line – their Polar Elite fridges are popular for their value, ease of use and exceptional styling. They’re the choice of many van campers and car campers looking for a quiet, dependable fridge that doesn’t require exterior venting. They all come with manual defrost, reversible freezer doors and adjustable door bins for maximum storage flexibility. norcold camper ac

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