• May 19, 2024

Ruqyah – Islamic Exorcism

Ruqyah is Islamic exorcism that aims to drive away Jinns from the patient. It uses the recitation and dilution of written texts including ALL or one of 45 specific Quranic verses (see table below).

During ruqyah, the pious person should not touch the body of the victim in order to avoid being attacked by a jinn. Rather, the recitation should be done by the patient through their voice. Moreover, the recitation should be soft and slow, in the hope that the evil Jinns will be scared of the reading and flee the patient’s home or business premises.

The recitation of the specified 45 verses in the Quran can be used by both men and women. However, it is preferable for the male to recite the ayats and blow them on his face as they are more effective on men. The ayats have been divided into nine sections, which are based on the different signs and symbols that Magicians and Sorcerers use to harm their victims.

Some scholars have regarded the writing of the Names of Allah, His Prophet and His verses on a paper, plate or vessel with saffron as an innovation in Islam; while others have held that it is permissible as per a narration reported by Ibn al-‘Arabi.

The saffron in this case should be pure; and the papers must not contain any ink. Writing on a stamp dipped in saffron and then selling it to people for their recovery isn’t permissible because it is a form of false advertising and cheating.dissolvable quran ruqyah paper

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