• June 20, 2024

Skyzone Socks

skyzone socks are specially designed to provide a perfect grip while jumping on the trampoline. They are also comfortable to wear as they keep the feet warm and dry. Moreover, they prevent the feet from getting bruises due to friction against the surface. These special socks are available in various designs and sizes to suit different needs of children. Some of these socks are even anti-skid to ensure a firm grip while doing challenging games in the park. Some of these games include the SkyHoops game that resembles classic basketball and involves blocking shots. Others include the SkyJoust game that requires you to battle against other players on pedestals over an airbag and the Sky ladder game that requires a firm pair of socks for balanced climbing.

In order to maintain a safe and clean environment, Sky Zone trampoline park requires participants to wear special SkySocks while jumping. These socks are sold at the park at $3 a pair and can be reused for future visits. This makes them a very economical option to purchase if you are planning on visiting the park frequently.

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