• May 20, 2024

Tax Advice Hattingen

Tax advice Hattingen is a financial advisory service that provides expert guidance on income taxes, estate planning, inheritance issues, and charitable giving. They also offer advice on a variety of other financial-related matters, such as investments and trusts. Tax consultants must possess strong written and verbal communication skills to convey research findings and recommendations to clients. They may work independently, for a firm, or the government. They must also keep up to date with changing tax laws and requirements on a federal and state level.

Assets (what your practice owns) are recorded on the left side of a balance sheet, while liabilities and shareholder’s equity are recorded on the right. The formula underlying a balance sheet is a simple one: assets equals liabilities plus shareholders’ equity.

Generally, assets are divided into two categories based on their due date: current and long-term. Current assets include items such as cash and cash equivalents, marketable securities and accounts receivable. Long-term assets are items like property and equipment, amortized leases and long-term investments. Liabilities are a list of payment obligations that your company is obligated to pay, including loan repayments, wages payable and income taxes payable. The right-hand side of a balance sheet lists these items as well, and then totals them all together. Steuerberatung Hattingen

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