• June 16, 2024

The Acquisition of Feubo by Crosby Mooring Components

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As a leader in the maritime industry, Feubo has established itself as an international supplier of marine mooring components. The acquisition of the company will enable Crosby to expand its presence worldwide and provide customers with an enhanced product offering that includes a full range of mooring systems.

Feubo CEO Oliver Feuerstein will continue to lead the company and its operations. He will also be responsible for engineering and innovation at the Hattingen facility, which will become Crosby’s center of excellence for mooring components. He emphasized that the two companies share the same core values of safety and reliability.

In the past, Feubo has invested in innovative technologies to support the growth of its customers and the industry. In the future, the company plans to invest in further research and development to remain ahead of the competition. The company currently has 19 employees, according to 6sense. You can see the complete list by visiting their website or using the 6sense Chrome Extension. In addition, you can see the technologies that are used by Kanzlei Raddatz Hattingen by installing the free 6sense Extension. It will help you track their progress, and you can also view their tech stack. Moreover, you can also identify which sector they are growing faster in by using the Technology Stack Explorer. Rechtsanwalt Hattingen

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