• June 20, 2024

The Best Curly Hair Salons in Melbourne

Those with wavy or curly hair know that finding the right hairdresser can be a tricky quest. Finding a hairdresser who understands and appreciates your unique texture is even more difficult. Luckily, there are specialist hairdressers who can transform your unruly kinks and coils into envy-inducing ringlets. They’re known for really listening to their clients, understanding their specific hair needs and providing knowledge that will support the way you want to live with your textured locks.

A Gippsland based curly hair expert, Jess specialises in giving clients a cut that suits their individual curl patterns. Using a deconstructed method of dry cutting, she creates shapes that compliment an individual’s curl type and lifestyle. She is passionate about teaching her clients how to maintain their textured hair with manageable routines that run in line with the Curly Girl Method.

New Zealand native Tina is a force of nature when it comes to cutting luscious curls. Her Prahran salon keeps a low profile but is a well-kept secret amongst those with textured hair. She is a Deva certified curl specialist and teaches stylists in her homeland, Cuba and Mexico.

If you’re looking for a precision haircut that will keep your curls defined and bouncy, then look no further than Project One. Their love of curls has led them to embrace a free hand, curl by curl cutting technique that has seen an explosion in their client base. They also offer a range of Deva-endorsed hair treatments and educate their clients on how to style their curls at home. curly hair salon melbourne

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