• May 24, 2024

Things to See and Do Near Holiday Apartments in Sydney

One of the best features of choosing to stay in a holiday apartment in Sydney is that so many of them are located in or near the Sydney CBD, where most of Sydney’s action takes place. What’s more, Sydney’s streets are a wonderland of activity for those who choose to stroll to most of the major tourist attractions and the public transport system is second to none.

In fact, a tour across the famous blue waters of Sydney Harbour in a ferry is an absolute must-do for all tourists; whether you plan on a short trip under the equally famous Sydney Harbour Bridge to Darling Harbour or a cruise down the harbour to Manly or Taronga Park Zoo.

The beauty of Sydney is that so many of its major tourist delights are situated in and around the harbour, and it’s hardly surprising. Sydney harbour is one of the most beautiful in the world and most tourists who have visited Sydney will agree.

So let’s assume that you’ve nested in one of the many luxurious holiday apartments in Sydney central and take a look at the attractions close by:

Sydney Harbour Bridge towers above the Sydney skyline and can be seen from just about anywhere in the CBD. Guided tours will take you across the top of the grey steel girders via awalking track where you can view Sydney in all its splendour; from the headlands at the start of the harbour across the foreshores to the inner reaches. And there’s no need to worry; safety harnesses and hard hats protect you from the elements.

One of the most famous landmarks in Sydney is the Opera House and no trip to Sydney would be complete without a visit to this amazing structure. Located right on the harbour, the Opera House sails were originally designed to reflect the colourful sails of the many yachts that use the harbour as their playground.

Just east of the Opera House is the Sydney Botanical Gardens, where you can stroll along tree-lined paths and discover the wide variety of native and introduced species of plants in the floral gardens. One of the many features of the Botanical Gardens in Mrs Macquarie’s Chair (or Lady Macquarie’s Chair), which provides one of the finest vantage points to view the harbour. The chair was carved out of rock for the wife of Governor Lachlan Macquarie, the first Governor of New South Wales.

On your journey around to the Sydney Opera House, you’ll stroll past Circular Quay, where the harbour ferries dock. Circular Quay has a wonderfully cosmopolitan atmosphere with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafting from the variety of cafes and the buskers who line the quay to entertain for whatever coins you’re willing to give.

Just to the west of Circular Quay is the Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art; a must-see for art lovers. The MCA houses most of Australia’s most valuable and important contemporary art pieces plus a vast collection of Aboriginal artworks.

Behind the Museum of Contemporary Art to the west of Sydney CBD is Sydney’s historic Rocks district. Established in 1788 by the First Fleet, its history is still evident today in the cobblestoned streets and the old buildings that formerly housed the early settler’s goods as they were delivered off the boats at anchor in the harbour. Today The Rocks is a thriving community of open-air markets, small cafes and quirky shops.

All of the attractions mentioned above are within walking distance of your Sydney apartment accommodation, which is one of the many charms Sydney holds as a tourist destination, especially if you choose a holiday apartment in Sydney’s CBD.

After a relaxing spa or refreshing swim and a good night’s rest in the comfort of your Sydney holiday apartment, you can venture further afield to the Star City Casino which is located just outside the CBD, or take a leisurely lunch cruise around the harbour to take in all the sites that litter the foreshores around the harbour. Best CBD UK

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