• May 20, 2024

Types of Stitches – From Fabric to Garment

Stitch Clothes
From fabric to garment: Taking a design from conception to finished product requires a wide range of technical skills. Understanding different types of stitches is a crucial part of this process, and can help you achieve the look you desire in your final product. Whether you’re working as a freelance fashion designer, a detail-oriented technical designer, or mastermind behind the scenes at a production facility, a deep understanding of these different stitch types can help you ensure quality and precision in your work.

The different types of stitches vary by fabric type, garment type, and style. To find out which is right for your project, consider the following factors:

A basting stitch is sewn with long stitches and incomplete edges. This stitch is used to temporarily hold fabric pieces in place, such as when sewing a lace collar or ruffles. It is also useful for transferring pattern markings to the fabric so that they can be sewn properly.

The zig zag stitch is one of the most common stitch types and can be executed by machine or hand. It keeps seams from fraying and can be used for making buttonholes. The chain stitch is a durable and sturdy stitch, which can be sewn by machine or hand. It is used to make side seams in jeans pants and shirts, and also for making waistbands.

A bar tack is a strong and durable stitch, which can be used to reinforce areas that experience stress such as the pockets of jackets. It can be done by machine or hand and can vary in size and style. Stitch Clothes

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