• April 15, 2024

What Is Pt Online?

Pt Online is a term used to describe personal training services that are delivered via the internet, rather than in-person. While the exact methods of online PT will vary, most trainers will offer a similar service to traditional one-to-one personal training with the addition of virtual sessions and more flexibility in terms of time and location.

Generally, an online personal trainer will set a bespoke programme for their clients to follow – either at home or in the gym using their own equipment. They may also conduct a virtual assessment or onboarding consultation using video-conferencing software such as Zoom. This will typically involve a few basic mobility movements that the trainer can use to assess your ability before creating a training plan.

Some online PTs will schedule regular check in calls to keep their clients accountable and motivated. This can be in the form of a video call, text or app chat. Some may also ask their clients to film and submit workout videos that they can use for feedback.

Depending on their level of qualification, some online PTs will also provide their clients with a bespoke nutrition programme to go alongside the exercise regime. While this isn’t a must, the best ones will be able to provide more than just calorie counting advice. They will also have a good understanding of ways to turbo-charge performance and help their clients to achieve their goals faster. They might suggest some lifestyle tweaks like tracking calories or adjusting sleeping habits. Pt Online

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