• May 20, 2024

What is the insulation effect of polyurethane insulation steel pipe?

The thermal insulation material used in polyurethane thermal insulation steel pipe is polyurethane foam. The following are the characteristics:

 Low density and low thermal conductivity. Under normal conditions, the density of rigid polyurethane foam board is 35-40 kg/m3. But compared with other thermal insulation materials, rigid polyurethane foam has very good thermal insulation properties, that is to say, if it reaches the same thermal insulation performance, rigid polyurethane foam board is thinner than other materials. At the same time, the application of rigid polyurethane foam saves space.

 Wide application temperature can be used normally between -40-90, with high dimensional stability, good weather resistance and chemical stability.

 The high-strength polyurethane rigid foam insulation board has high compressive strength, cohesiveness and shear strength, and can adapt to the normal deformation of the base material in contact with it without cracks, hollowing, etc.

 Low moisture absorption, air-tight polyurethane rigid foam insulation board also has low moisture absorption. This means that it has a longer life span than other thermal insulation materials, which can more effectively play its excellent thermal insulation performance.

 Good fire resistance. By adjusting the formula, the rigid foam polyurethane material can meet the requirements of various international standards. It will not melt and drip like EPS or XPS materials, and during the incineration of rigid foam polyurethane materials, a coking maintenance layer will be formed to restrain the spread of incineration. In addition, the metal veneer can further enhance its flame retardant performance.

 Non-toxic, non-irritating and non-biological parasitic polyurethane rigid foam is non-toxic, non-irritating, safe and convenient to operate. In addition, it has no biological parasitic properties, does not parasite fungi, and does not moisturize parasites.

 Excellent building performance. Polyurethane rigid foam insulation board has the characteristics of strong adhesion or composite with concrete, clay blocks, metal, wood, rubber and glass, and can be easily cut, formed and installed. Shenzhen Sponge Factory This is a hard foam incubator with a thin layer of shaped sponge on the outside, so that it is both elegant and warm!

There are many types of thermal insulation steel pipes. According to the structure, there are mainly two types of polyurethane thermal insulation steel pipes and steel jacket steel thermal insulation steel pipes. The steel jacket steel thermal insulation steel pipe is used to transport steam.

Steel sleeve steel insulation steel pipes are composed of: inner working steel pipe, temperature-resistant and high-temperature inorganic zinc-rich primer, aluminum silicate rent reduction layer, calcium silicate, aluminum foil reflection layer, polyurethane insulation layer, outer protective steel pipe, and outer FRP anticorrosion. cavity wall insulation grant

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