• June 16, 2024

Why You Should Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Your home’s electric panel distributes power throughout your entire residence, making it vital for the proper operation of appliances, lights, and other equipment. Unfortunately, many older homes have outdated panels that can’t keep up with modern electrical demands. An Electrical Panel Upgrade is an effective solution for updating your property’s electrical system to improve safety, efficiency, and security.

If you notice that your circuit breakers are constantly tripping, it’s a sign that your electrical panel can’t handle the load and is overworking itself. This can cause overheating, posing a fire hazard for your home and appliances. A professional electrician will be able to upgrade your residential electrical panel to increase its capacity, decreasing the number of frequent circuit breaker trips and protecting your appliances.

Another indicator that your breaker box is overworked is if your lights dim or flicker when you turn on multiple devices at once. This is because your electrical system isn’t able to meet the simultaneous demands of multiple devices, leading to inconsistent power delivery and potentially causing damage to your appliances. A professional electrician will be able determine the exact amount of electricity your household needs and install a new electrical panel with enough capacity to accommodate all of your equipment without overworking itself.

An electrical panel upgrade can also increase the resale value of your home, especially if you have an older home that uses extension cords for appliances and lighting. Potential buyers may be turned off by this and choose to purchase a different house instead, making a residential electrical panel upgrade an excellent investment. It will also save you money on your energy bills by providing a more consistent and efficient distribution of electricity throughout your entire house.

Are you planning a major renovation or adding additional living space to your home? Upgrading your electrical panel is an excellent way to prepare for these projects and ensure that your new additions will be adequately powered. Upgrading to a 200-amp electrical service will allow you to power any appliance or device you may add, avoiding overloads and protecting your property’s investment.

If you’re thinking of adding an at-home EV charging station or other electric equipment, an electrical panel upgrade is essential. An old service panel cannot safely support these new electrical demands, and an improperly installed EV charger can lead to dangerous consequences. Upgrading your electric panel can also help to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels, which will lower your carbon footprint and protect the environment.

If your electrical panel is over 25 years old, it’s time to call a professional for an upgrade. In addition to the issues mentioned above, an older breaker box can be susceptible to corrosion and other dangers that could put your family and property at risk. A professionally installed electrical panel will provide the reliable, high-quality power your household needs to function effectively and protect your investment. Call us today to learn more about our services or request an estimate for your home.

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