• July 19, 2024

Your Website Must Capture Attention Before You Can Capture the Lead

If you practice luxury real estate marketing in a vacation destination marketplace you know that high net worth travelers can become buyers overnight. Get the idea that a couple arrives in your town from a neighboring state that is ready, willing and able to purchase a luxury home. They would like the assistance of a competent real estate professional who really knows the local marketplace, but they do not know one in particular. How do they select one? How do you they find YOU?

Perhaps, if you have an inviting storefront, they may wonder in randomly. If your office is dusty, gloomy or in disarray how long will it take them to make an about face and walk out?

But, chances are they have done some research on the internet. Can you see just how important their first impression of your website is? How does your site stand out from your competition? Does it look similar? Is it more than five years old like over 60% of real estate websites are today?

The very first goal of website design is to capture attention. In today’s attention deficient world you need eye candy to attract eyeballs! Packaging is paramount! Your website homepage is your store front. How can you expect to capture their lead if they are not impressed with your window display to begin with and quickly “walk on by” to your competitor’s site with a click of their mouse?

The mechanical functionality of real estate websites, are fairly standardized. A good IDX provider can offer your visitor a satisfying MLS search experience. However, it is the graphical interface and the shortcuts you offer to help your visitor get immediate gratification for their search query that determines if they will come back or register on your site.

With a plethora of choices and a scarcity of time, your website must be a WOW! Isn’t time for a makeover? Templates are templates. Just look at the packaging of the best luxury consumer product brands in the world. They understand that you need high quality eye candy to capture the attention of high net worth consumers. That is the first step in capturing the lead on a luxury real estate website.

Ron and Alexandra Seigel are the managing partners of Napa Consultants, International the leading luxury real estate marketing firm, specializing in web design, personal branding, and company branding. Gain the competitive edge in your luxury real estate marketplace. Luxury cars

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