• July 24, 2024

2-D and 3-D Finger Nail Painting, Stick Your Fingers In Here – Small Niche for the Artistic Painter

How would you like to be a finger nail painter, or sell your artwork to a network hosting nail art in the cloud where you’d get a royalty each time someone chose your painting to be printed upon their nails, maybe $.10 but it would add up, consider people have ten fingers and ten toes, a few people 1/3000 have 12 each, it is a specific genetic trait which comes up every once in a while, perhaps a mistake in the DNA or maybe a genetic throw-back? Anyway, let me paint a picture for you how all this might work, let’s talk.

Consider if you will that you already have a collection of paintings, perhaps they are on canvas, and you’ve taken pictures of them and turned them into digital renderings as well. You may have put them on your blogs, posted them online, or maybe you are selling reprints of these works as a way to make money. This would be a similar, consider it a future additional venue. Your paintings, at least those which would lend themselves well to fingernails would be reduced in size using digital imagery, and fed into a repository of choices for those getting their nails done.

Those who paint nails at the local nail salon would allow their customers to choose what they would like on their fingernail as they scanned through an online catalog which was set up by category. Once they chose the proper picture, they would stick their finger in a little machine which would size up their fingernail and the amount of space involved and allow the customer on a small screen to see what it will look like once it is painted on. If the customer decides to go with that, the machine would clamp onto their finger ever so slightly, and a small set of suction cups would rise from underneath keeping their finger in place.

The digital printer which would be a 2-D printer however it would be printing onto a 3-D curved surface in this case which would put that picture on to the fingernail, allow it to air dry for a minute or two, then apply the acrylic coating, and perhaps some accents such as small diamond like tiny laboratory produced jaded pebbles in the appropriate places.

Those artists who specialize in paintings which would be reduced in size would begin to understand what would look best on fingernails and paint their paintings appropriately, or slightly modify their current series of paintings with slightly less detail, and the potential for extra accents, and specific colors which might go with common wardrobe items. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it. diamond painting zubehör

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