• July 24, 2024

Angel Figurines – 3 Best Locations in Your Home – May Shock You

Many people purchase collectible figurines, be they angel figurines, fairy figurines, animal figurines, or human caricatures, because they love the way these enchanting pieces look or they enjoy the memories they conjure. What many people do not understand is that the physical placement of these figurines in their homes can have an effect on the balance and good fortunes on themselves and those within their households; sometimes dramatic… sometimes subtle.

Why Angels?

Angels are representative of heaven, and all of the beauty, power, and majesty that heaven represents. Angels not only act as messengers from the heavenly realms, they act as symbols of the highest and most beautiful energy in its physical form. This makes angels, and thus their angel figurine symbols, quite powerful in relation to their abilities to bring peace and balance into a household. So what does this mean?

Best Places to Place Your Angel Figurines

1. One of the best places to put an angel figurine (or other heavenly sculpture) is in the direct viewpoint of a person directly upon entering the house. This is the area that is first seen upon entering the household and is the first impression that a guest receives. More importantly, this is also the most powerful impression made upon inhabitants when re-entering the home each day. Further, many believe that a home’s doorway is the primary entry for inauspicious or harmful spirits. Placing an angel, such as Archangel Gabriel, at the entrance, helps to deter these energies.

2. Another key place to keep your angel figurines is at the FOOT of your bed. Many put them at the head of the bed, above their headboard. The idea is correct here, but it has been found that the head of the bed IS POOR PLACEMENT due to the unconscious effects it has on the sleeper. Many believe that while we sleep, some are vulnerable to negative thoughts and energies (built up over the day) as well as negative dreams. The positive vibration that angels hold can help to “watch over” us as we sleep. The positive vibration from this heavenly energy, in physical form, wards off negative entities and unconsciously provides solitude to the sluggish sleeper.

3. Believe it or not, about 35% of our well-being at any given time is due to the fuel we put into our bodies. The third most beneficial place to put angel figurines in a household is in the kitchen. More specifically, the absolute best place is directly on top of the refrigerator, facing straightforward (same direction as the doors). Many people say a blessing right before eating a cooked meal. An obvious question, then, is who or what is blessing the food the rest of the time? The high, positive vibration of the angel figurine serves to channel heavenly energy to bless the food while it stays stored in the refrigerator.

By making simple changes in my own household, as well as those of several friends, figurine lovers have noticed dramatic changes in energy, “Luck” in life, and overall quality of life. With a few minor tweaks, you can do the same. Cherub Figurine

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