• May 24, 2024

Types and Types of Fire Pumps for Sale

Fire pumps sit, silent and nondescript, in the basements and bottom floors of high-rise buildings. However, if there were a sudden fire on the top floor of such skyscrapers, these life-saving pumps would be put to the ultimate test—they are responsible for sending water with enough force and volume to douse the flames. Keeping these vital sprinkler systems in tip-top shape requires that they have a steady source of high-pressure water. That’s why we offer a range of high quality fire fighting pumps for sale.

There are several different types of fire pumps, primarily depending on the capacity needed and what space is available for the pump. A horizontal split case (HSC) fire pump is one of the most common because it’s economical, durable, and can accommodate a wide range of water flow applications. This type of fire pump is also easy to access for maintenance, as the motor is located at the top of the unit.

Another popular type of fire pump is the vertical in-line fire pump. These pumps take up less space than HSC units, but they have a limited capacity since the suction and discharge are on approximately the same plane. They are also typically restricted to use with electric drivers, which limits their potential applications.

If you need a more portable fire fighting pump for sale, we recommend a WATERAX backpack portable fire pump that is designed to withstand high pressures. This is the model that first responders and forestry agencies have relied on since 1964. Its lightweight design allows for efficient transport, and it has a quick release pump clamp for easy equipment downtime. fire pumps for sale

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