• July 21, 2024

About Breast cancer and causes of breast cancer

The United States has seen a rise in the number of breast cancer cases in recent past and breast cancer reading in PA is evidence of the fact. Breast cancer is a type of tissue cancer affecting women and in some cases men. There are actually two main types of breast cancer causes, namely Ductal Carcinoma and Lobular corcinoma.

Ductal Carcinoma usually starts from the ducts (tubes) which maintain the flow of milk from breast to the nipples. Lobular carcinoma emerges in the lobules, the area of the breast which is responsible for production of milk.

In rare cases (including breast cancer cases among men), it can even start from other parts of the breast.
Invasive and noninvasive type of breast cancers can affect a human body. Invasive breast cancer is more dangerous and it includes a risk of cancer development in the breast or chest region of a human body. Non invasive is equally dangerous, but it indicates that the cancer has not yet invaded other parts of breast and breast tissues.

Now that we know about breast cancer, lets look at some risk factors which influence this disease-

Age of a woman and man is a factor which decides if you can get affected by breast cancer or not. As you grow older, you body becomes less immune to diseases and viruses. Most breast cancer cases is found among women and men who are older and are in their fifties and sixties. This however in no way means that younger women and men are completely safe from breast cancer.

Family history can influence the chances of your breast cancer affection. If your family member and a close relative has breast cancer, it is likely you might also get affected from breast cancer in future. However, it is not certain and if you follow a good diet and take all the required precautions, chances of breast cancer can be evaded.

Menstrual cycle also decides the chances of you getting infected by breast cancer. If a girl gets her periods early, i.e. before turning 12 has a higher risk for breast cancer. Similarly, women who went through late menopause have an increased risk of breast cancer. 

Breast cancer reading in PA is higher than most of the other states of the United States. In this part of the country, as many as 33 cases of breast cancer are recorded in a day. Pennsylvania ranks 8th in USA for cases seeing deaths while suffering from breast cancer. Breast cancer reading and diagnosis in PA has seen a technological and methodological advancement in recent years. Government is trying to raise the awareness among the locals so that they understand the disease properly and follow precautions on a daily basis. Breast cancer reading in PA is not surprising since it was predicted that most of the American states will witness an increase in breast cancer patients mainly due to ignorance and lifestyle. fenben cancer treatment

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