• May 24, 2024

Fenben For Cancer – How Patients Acquired Information About the Drug

Fenben for cancer is an alternative medicine treatment that aims to kill the cancer cells by using a wide-spectrum antiparasitic drug. This drug is already being used as a worm treatment for animals like horses and goats. This new research published in the journal Scientific Reports shows that this broad-spectrum antiparasitic drug could be effective against cancer as well. The drug works by blocking the sugar supply to cancer cells which stops them from growing. It also changes the way cancer cells take up glucose for energy. The researchers tested this effect on two different types of human cancer cells. The study showed that fenbendazole killed the cancer cells by disrupting microtubule dynamics, inhibiting p53 activation, and modulating multiple genes.

The Joe Tippens Cancer Protocol, or fenbendazole cancer treatment recommends a daily dose of 222 mg fenbendazole per day (one gram of Panacur C). It is available as oral granules and liquid suspension and should be taken seven days a week with food.

We conducted focus group interviews with 21 lung cancer patients, 13 men and eight women, to assess how they obtained information about fenbendazole. Our results show that most of the participants obtained their initial information on fenbendazole through the TV and acquaintances. YouTube was a secondary channel on which they actively searched for additional information. The quality of the information obtained was fragmented and unconfirmed. Most of the interviewees had a negative attitude toward complementary and alternative medicine information that is not verified by experts, as they perceived it to be false. fenben for cancer

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